Aaron C.

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The Challenge

When I joined StubHub, the company was in startup mode trying to legitimize the online secondary ticketing industry. I stepped in, took over a raw program, and turned it into the most important marketing channel at the company. Over my tenure, the program went from a one person operation to a small but multi-faceted team that spent $50M per year. The challenge was to keep up with growth targets while maintaining profitability.

The Process

I oversaw the entire program and had to create automation to build, activate, and pause new keywords and adgroups as hundred of unique events were added to the catalog every day. Being first to market was a huge strategic advantage, as was having full coverage of our catalog on search platforms. I hired a developer to sit on my team and build and maintain this operation, which worked wonderfully.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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Innovet was selling well on Amazon, but their in-house team didn’t have the time to give Amazon PPC ads what it deserves. So, they wanted to try hiring an expert to take over PPC to see if there are opportunities to grow sales. I ended up doubling their sales!




They had tons of awesome products but weren't able to get profitability




They were getting poor results with Facebook & Instagram ads


We had to find a way to improve our CPA. Most of te traffic was coming from YouTube, which is not an easy channel to work with.