The initial key metrics were that we more than doubled the engaged email list by 50% in 4 months. Conference attendance was also up by 30% vs. pre-covid levels.


Stuart S.

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The Challenge

Subscription Insider, and it's flagship conference Subscription Show, are a niche business that targets professionals in the subscription space. The goal is connect our sponsors with professionals in the industry. The primarily challenge was to re-invigorate the the list of professionals and restart the in-person conference that had been decimated by COVID.

The Process

Rather than focusing just on attracting attendees to the conference, we focused first on building up the Subscription Insider brand and replenishing the funnel of leads. We did this by focusing on improved content, an improved website and creating a series of free webinars and similar lead gen types of events. We then focused on marketing efforts on building the top of the funnel and using simpler tactics, like email, to convert over to the conference.

The Solution

The initial key metrics were that we more than doubled the engaged email list by 50% in 4 months. Conference attendance was also up by 30% vs. pre-covid levels.

Skills Used

Email Marketing,Content Marketing,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,CRO,Web Development,Paid Ads,CMO,Web Development



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More Case Study

Adobe Creative Cloud

In 2013, Adobe announced a radical business model change for its suite of creative products - the end of Adobe Creative Suite to a fully subscription-based model, Adobe Creative Cloud. This was a big change for its creative users, which received a lot of negative sentiment and push back. The challenge was to leverage social media to build a new community for Adobe Creative Cloud, supporting its customer community in a way that would influence sales for Adobe Creative Cloud.



International Conference on Fatty Liver

The International Conference on Fatty Liver focused on the clinical needs and best practices for diagnosing and treating Fatty Liver. Raised awareness across all medical specialties to help guide and treat patients.

Build a brand and develop a conference that deals with a niche topic within hepatology that has not yet completed the clinical trials for the medicine needed to help patients. Compete against other conference dealing with the topic connected to large associations.



Renown Health Products

Renown was having great success with direct mailers since the 90's, but hadn't developed their online presence and paid media strategy. We had no data going in on which products to focus on, which channels to choose, or how to position ourselves in the market.




The challenge, EFTI’s reputation is mostly known within the industry as a top level education center in Madrid, highly valued but mostly off-line. Over the years several small schools appeared in the digital context and captured the digital market quota leaving EFTI with low digital impact. The challenge was to position LIBREE’s digital platform as a new player in the online course sector and as a top player in the online visual art education.