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The Challenge

This complicated technological challenge included featuring thousands of animations per second, as well as creating a technological infrastructure that can accommodate tens of thousands of users across the site in any given period of time and maintaining optimal levels of user experience. All this has been done, in order to allow the "Teva" business customers to easily log into the website, and enjoy a product whose main purpose is to replace the pavilions at the frontal conferences.

• Addressing a number of issues during the project

• Creation of a server infrastructure to support multi-data and operations

• Establishing an infrastructure with Salesforce integrations to have a single database

• Forming a user system

The Process

Writing an in-depth technological characterization that reviews all the technological issues. In addition, five different staff members were assigned to this project in order to create a parallel workflow between the different parts of the project.

The Solution

Skills Used

Web Development,Web Development


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