Facebook Ads performance improved by 1.5x. Programmatic produced a ROAS of 900%.

Google Ads improved by 200%.


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The Challenge

Shark Clean AU is the sister brand to Ninja Kitchen and they both faced similar challenges.

The brand was struggling to improve the ROAS of their online store above 300%, after getting a taste of 800 - 900% during the pandemic, when people being stuck at home all day every day was beneficial to a brand like theirs. The brand was already familiar to consumers who were used to seeing it at stores like Harvey Norman and Kmart, but now could no longer shop at those stores. Another challenge was not being able to offer discounts on their products deeper than the stockist retailer were offering.

The target ROAS was 500 - 600%. The channels they were using were Facebook/Instagram Ads and Google Ads. Facebook was an area of concern as they did not see consistent returns there, although the channel did very well during lockdowns.

The Process

My role was to review their overall Digital Marketing Strategy and put together a revised growth strategy and monthly schedule that both improved their ROAS and scaled their spend.

My suggestions included shifting from a monthly promotion-led strategy on Social to a mix of 'always on' and promotion-led activity, with greater flexibility in spend allocation between channels, strategies, campaigns and products and specific tactical suggestions to improve Facebook performance.

I also added Programmatic to their channel mix, using remarketing with Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), driven by sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

The Solution

Facebook Ads performance improved by 1.5x. Programmatic produced a ROAS of 900%.

Google Ads improved by 200%.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Web Development,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Marketing Strategy


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