Video Testimonial for the marketing agency I founded:


Tony G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  • Enhance lead conversion on website
  • Maintain low cost per lead
  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase visibility to new customers via online search
  • Target specific prospects in demographic in specific markets
  • Maximize marketing return on investment 

The Process

  • Create Digital Advertising campaigns using compelling offers that assist travel prospects in the research, discovery and sales process
  • Develop campaigns using trip specific relevant offers to reach teens further along in the decision making cycle
  • Optimize landing pages – including the build out of an on-page contact form, creating a clear path to conversion
  • Build deep links to the most relevant trips and trip related content

The Solution

Video Testimonial for the marketing agency I founded:

Skills Used

CRO,Paid Ads,SEO,Paid Ads


Travel & Leisure

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Nightwatch is a software company that provides SEO tools for a relatively saturated market. They are still working through their messaging and their clarity on their offer was missing at the point they started PPC. They knew they needed a presence as their buyer churn was slowly creeping and their acquisitions had leveled off.



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