We were able to add $50k/month in increased revenue to their bottom line without much cost increase.


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The Challenge

This client was primarily a marketplaces brand, and they couldn't profitably scale their website marketing online through paid advertising.

The Process

As part of their digital website agency, we helped them improve their SEO rankings, and also completely rebuilt their paid advertising from scratch.

Our unique approach to catalogue datafeed optimization allowed us to improve their shopping campaigns exposure; while increasing sales, ROI and margin.

We also used our detailed structure for paid ads campaigns to increase scale.

The Solution

We were able to add $50k/month in increased revenue to their bottom line without much cost increase.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Marketing Strategy


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Aquateire came to me with an issue, due to the current economic climate in the UK their sales were down 50% from the previous year.



PetO Pet Supplies

PetO were a traditional retail brand, the third largest chain of pet supplies in Australia. They decided to launch their eCommerce store in 2019, but did not see it as a key pillar of their brand until the pandemic, which customers online, as they were unable to visit the brick-and-mortar stores.

The ROAS was great at that time, during the lockdowns, however as customers returned to stores the ROAS began to quickly decline and the customer was concerned about the profitability of the site and their marketing activity. The ROAS had dropped a peak of~800% during lockdown to only ~250% a few months later.

I joined the account to drive the account strategy and lift campaign performance.




Never done paid media and was only in UK, want to launch in US



Earthley Wellness

Client came to us with having done no previous advertising and we were starting from the ground up. Because of this, client was unaware of marketing overall, so it was also a teaching experience.