This last month we were able to drive 86 leads (75 form fills and 11 phone calls) for $26 per lead.



Mayple Vetted


The Challenge


  • They had not had success in Google Ads in the past
  • They wanted to target home sellers, but all the leads coming in were buyers.
  • They are in a competitive market
  • They wanted the Cost per Lead to be under $50

The Process


  • Identified and segmented high intent keywords for home sellers
  • Focused on only sellers
  • Consulted on conversion rate opportunities on their funnel

The Solution

This last month we were able to drive 86 leads (75 form fills and 11 phone calls) for $26 per lead.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,CRO


Real Estate

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This client did not have a well coordinated SEO program. The client needed support to prioritize all SEO their SEO recommendations and provide the off shore team with organization and the ability to implement SEO governance across the organization.


They enlisted DIDO AGENCY to create a more consistent, frequent, and aligned communication strategy and expand their branding to their consumers’ inboxes.



Allina Health

In the Minnesota United FC’s inaugural season, Allina Health was a cornerstone sponsor and the official orthopedic partner. As part of that partnership, I developed a full-service marketing strategy campaign that included a television and social campaign around the idea of teamwork.