Traffic Increase, High conversion rates

Jessica S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

The Passage Homes part of the Simaba Group, is a luxury boutique hotel that was looking to increase its customer base. I worked with the company in several stages, first re-designing the functionality of its website focused on UX design, implemented several tech functionalities which made them be more productive towards generating leads. As well as did all the copywriting for the web and communication touchpoints.

The Process

Development and execution of Digital Strategy based on the company's overall marketing strategy

The Solution

Traffic Increase, High conversion rates

Skills Used

Web Development,Copywriting,Content Marketing,Web Development,Marketing Strategy,Branding


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Wyld Gear

Wyld Gear needed help getting more exposure to their innovative coolers.


We started with a blank slate, a well design website with very little content however very little brand awareness. My challenge was to develop the content and social media presence.



Singapore Grand Prix

For Singapore Grand Prix, the tickets always sell out, but the challenge was to sell out as soon as possible, by targeting and reaching those who are more likely to purchase the tickets. This required optimizing the media channels and targeting in order to increase online transactions and reducing the cost per transaction.



Basal Master Builds

The client wanted to reinvent their look and feel on their social media and online assets so that they could increase their brand awareness and secure more home decor, design, and build jobs.

They were receiving little to no traction on social media and had a very low click-through rate on their email marketing campaigns. They also did not have a list-building strategy in place, so they were constantly reaching out to a market that had already used their services.