$783 in sales in the first 14 days of advertising.

Average of 283% ROAS

The highest ad set ROAS of 447% and lowest ad set ROAS of 154%

Cost per purchase of $12.99


Shire Lyon A.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

This was a brand new store that needed to build sales from the ground up. The client was not doing social posting, Google Ads, or any other form of marketing to bring in sales. Facebook Ads were the only source of traffic.

The Process

When working with this client, I wrote the product copy to optimize it for paid ads. Then ad copy, images, and videos were designed to grab attention. All poor performing ads and ad sets were paused to improve cost per purchase.

The Solution

$783 in sales in the first 14 days of advertising.

Average of 283% ROAS

The highest ad set ROAS of 447% and lowest ad set ROAS of 154%

Cost per purchase of $12.99

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development,Copywriting


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Organic search traffic

Wedding Style Magazine

Wedding Style struggled competing against the numerous national wedding brands

already established online. They were not ranking for many of the most popular wedding

related searches and were having difficulty retaining their advertising clients.

They wanted to improve their search engine results, their user experience and the number of brides visiting and converting into leads each month. Their ultimate goal was to increase and retain advertising clients by attracting more affluent brides to the site each month and converting them into customers.


Being a writer, I love exploring a lot of industries and one such industry is politics. In I-PAC (Indian Political Action Committee), we do digital and offline campaigns wherein I belonged to the Digital sector. I-PAC works out strategies and campaigns plans for DMK which is one of the most influential parties in India. It almost resembles the 'media' industry, in which, the work should be instantly submitted and should get ready to received work at any instance. Sometimes, working on Sundays was quite difficult but once I learnt the strategy, it became one of my favourite roles. I was given the role of managing the campaign - Vidiyalai Nokki Stalinin Kural (The voice of Stalin) and the campaign took place for 75 days. Stalin, the president of DMK, is the one who represents the DMK party and leads it. The leaders of DMK were campaigning for their party, and I made sure to cover them all digitally.




Generate new user sign ups for a Cybersecurity service marketplace.


RapNet is an online platform for diamond dealers and jewelers to trade with each other around the world. The biggest challenge we faced was not getting people signed up was getting people to use the platform to the fullest capabilities.