We were able to generate better ROAS than they were able to achieve before.


Aristide Basque

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Create a beautiful, functioning e-commerce store worthy of Claude Théberge himself.

The Process

We did a CRO audit, designed their website & then worked to create Facebook & Instagram ads to bring them results.

The Solution

We were able to generate better ROAS than they were able to achieve before.

Skills Used

Branding,Web Development,CRO,Copywriting,Web Development,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Art & Entertainment

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Generating good ROI in a completely new market

MozArt had never done any social media advertising as they were selling exclusively on Amazon.?They wanted to create a real brand and a real community with their company so they decided to pursue the social media route.

We then had to expand the brand’s reach, popularity through video ad campaigns while maintaining good ROI.

LCI Paper

LCI Paper benefits from a loyal consumer base, oftentimes event planners, calligraphers, and other professional roles that demand buying high-quality paper in bulk. Without a central way of engaging its audience on a regular basis, LCI Paper wasn’t fully leveraging its buying potential.



Periodic Audio

Our Facebook ads strategy was centred around standing out in the market. We created several UGC compilation videos that showcased the product and featured several testimonials from YouTube audio experts. 

The creative was fun, very quirky and showcased the brands unique personality. 




Our client came to us regarding low inquiry volume for Whitepaper downloads.