200% MoM growth in organic search

2.6 million Twitter impressions

Close to $100 million under management

Arash G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Two Prime had an unclear vision for their brand. They had a token but wanted to launch a hedge fund instead. Their primary target was high net worth individuals and corporate treasuries who would have been turned off with a cryptocurrency.

The Process

After extensive brand discovery and marketing research, we create buyer personas. From that research, we decided to launch a digital asset hedge fund and get rid of the token which was a distraction.

We also discovered which keywords to write our content around and what our target market searched for on Google.

We redid their logo, created a content marketing plan that included email, blogs, webinars, and social media. We recreated their website to make sure it was SEO optimized from the ground up and worked well in Google.

I personally wrote about 20 articles and launched an industry-leading research report on Ethereum that resulted in 2.6 million impressions on Twitter.

The results were 200% MoM organic search growth and close to $100 million in assets under management.

The Solution

200% MoM growth in organic search

2.6 million Twitter impressions

Close to $100 million under management

Skills Used

SEO,Social Media Management



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