I was able to improve ROAS by 76% in the first two months of running the account.


Ben M.

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The Challenge

The challenge with this client was to achieve a 30% + improvement on the ROAS compared to the previous 6-12 months. With limited content and no budget for new creatives.

The Process

I took learnings from the previous 12 months of data to see what has worked best in the past. Both ads and account structure.

I provided strategic creative suggestions, wrote ad copy variations to test, created content myself through my own photography with a professional grade camera that I own.

I've been testing and optimizing the campaign and ads. Spending the majority of the budget on winners and a portion to continually test.

I also run a very small (5% of the total budget) on a paid post engagement campaign. With the goal to warm up our audiences for remarketing and boost the social proof on the social accounts.

The Solution

I was able to improve ROAS by 76% in the first two months of running the account.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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