I was able to improve ROAS by 76% in the first two months of running the account.


Ben M.

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The Challenge

The challenge with this client was to achieve a 30% + improvement on the ROAS compared to the previous 6-12 months. With limited content and no budget for new creatives.

The Process

I took learnings from the previous 12 months of data to see what has worked best in the past. Both ads and account structure.

I provided strategic creative suggestions, wrote ad copy variations to test, created content myself through my own photography with a professional grade camera that I own.

I've been testing and optimizing the campaign and ads. Spending the majority of the budget on winners and a portion to continually test.

I also run a very small (5% of the total budget) on a paid post engagement campaign. With the goal to warm up our audiences for remarketing and boost the social proof on the social accounts.

The Solution

I was able to improve ROAS by 76% in the first two months of running the account.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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  • Long and complex buyer's journey




Each campaign has its own challenges, but that is what makes it so fun! Figuring out which creators will optimize each campaigns return. The main challenge is to ensure both parties understand what they need!