After less than a month I delivered the strategy to the client. They were very satisfied with the result.

Antonio G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Viole Purple, a brick-and-mortar technology supplementary school, was about to launch its first online course. Founders had little knowledge of online marketing and needed a strategy to plan the right marketing actions. 

My work focused on identifying the buyer persona and value proposition, build a strategy for the launch and plan an effective acquisition strategy.

The Process

My process to build a marketing strategy goes through 3 phases.

First, the work starts with a market analysis to gain a clear view of the market, the competition, and the client target. Then, I build the strategy based on the information gathered in the analysis to complete the work with the action plan. 

The Solution

After less than a month I delivered the strategy to the client. They were very satisfied with the result.

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy



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