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The Challenge

When this client first approached us they had launched a brand new personal care range just 5 months prior. Although they had positive interest straight away, they turned to us for help on how to get to the next level.  

Here's how we helped them scale up..

The Problem The brand turned to a business consultant when first launching. They had been set up with a basic ad funnel in Facebook Business Manager, but had no idea if it was really performing well or not, how to scale, or even how to update the creative. In bootstrap start-up mode, growth HAD to be profitable to ensure the continued momentum of the brand.  They needed complete confidence in results. 

The Process

The Solution

There were immediate opportunities to leverage lookalike audiences and databases, plus adding sophistication to the funnel strategy, increasing ROAS, and scaling to new audiences. 

Particular importance was placed on effective copywriting matching the language for the correct stages in the funnel and introducing a fun quiz in the middle of the funnel.

The Result

This client cracked their annual growth goals in only 9 months and has their time back to focus on developing new ranges and country expansion plans. The stress, anxiety, and worry about running social media ads are completely gone. 

Solutions included

✔️Copywriting for ad positioning and hook messaging 

✔️Facebook & Instagram ad funnel strategy, campaign development, and management

✔️Quiz development using ClickFunnels

✔️Lead Generation, building a database on steroids

✔️Google Shopping Ads

The Solution



Read the full case study here: https://www.kingpixel.co/ecommretail

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping



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