With just one email a week for six months, their revenue increased by 27%, resulting in an 1830% ROI.

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The Challenge

AEJuice operates in the unique space of video-editing. As a result, most of their consumers have a common passtime and passion -- creating. AEJuice is an established platform that puts a lot of effort in educating and spreading editing knowledge, but many consumers weren’t aware of these additional ways to connect.

The Process

We created campaigns that highlighted AEJuice’s educational Youtube videos and support those passionate about editing. Through various introductory campaigns that introduce AEJuice to post-purchase, win back, and seasonal campaigns, DIDO AGENCY curated the steady, consistent communication needed to make a lasting impact on their consumers.

The Solution

With just one email a week for six months, their revenue increased by 27%, resulting in an 1830% ROI.

Skills Used

Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Copywriting,Branding



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