The ultimate result was revenue. I scaled their acquisition efforts to bring in $8M in sales with a 40% YoY growth.


Itzett R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Their outsourced agency wasn't meeting goals in terms of growth and efficiency for their customer acquisition. A large contributor of the problem was that there was no one in house focusing on these efforts.

The Process

I ultimately built and scaled their acquisition program from the ground up. I ended up having full ownership of strategy and execution.

The Solution

The ultimate result was revenue. I scaled their acquisition efforts to bring in $8M in sales with a 40% YoY growth.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Marketing Strategy,CRO



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This client didn't have any finalized branding when I joined the team. I helped them finalize their brand ID (which they have since changed) and developed email templates based off of the guide for a cohesive member experience. They also had under cared for email flows.

Imperial Tea

Imperial Tea is a premium tea company started almost 30 years ago, and family run. As a family run business, Imperial Tea has acquired a very loyal community of fans and customers. True tea connoisseurs shop at Imperial Tea, in part for the premium quality they offer, but also to continue connecting with the founders that lead tea tasting sessions and education. The entire Imperial Tea experience is unique. While the majority of their sales have been generated by their tea house in San Francisco, they have been trying to expand their online stores sales.

When Imperial Tea reached out to us, they were looking for a team of marketers that truly understand the boutique nature of their business. Unlike mainstream tea companies, Imperial Tea’s social media content had to lead with education in order to continue offering the same quality of service to their existing audience, while growing their community of premium tea lovers.


It's a house hold name in a very competitive market, the client was trying to lift the perceived value of it's products in the eyes of the customers.


Rugs Done Right

Rugs Done Right needed help with both their SEO & web development