The campaign drove a +93% increase in leads, -12% decrease in cost per lead, and contributed to 13x increase in brand search demand YOY.


Kristin Stevenson | Paid Media E.

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The Challenge

The challenge was to develop and execute a search engine marketing strategy to support the rebrand of the 108-year legacy Adventist Health System, comprised of 47 hospitals across nine states operating under 30 different local brands, to AdventHealth. The strategy needed to translate the rebrand to existing stakeholders, support the growth of newly aquired service lines, all while reducing the overall cost per lead.

The Process

As the marketing manager on this project, I needed to deveop a SEM-focused strategy that would achieve the client's goals at scale.

  1. Utilizing campaign taxonomy and automation at scale: Ad groups were built out similarly by hospital, segmenting by former brand, new brand, and non-brand with labeled naming structures for the ease of reporting and swift optimizations. Automated ad types, bidding strategies, and location extensions were applied throughout.
  2. Messaging phases pre-post rebrand: Phase 1 ad text included "[Former Hospital Name] Will Soon Be AdventHealth” prior to the rebrand and "[Former Hospital Name] Is Now AdventHealth” after the rebrand launch. 
  3. Utilizing brand search demand to drive optimizations: Google Trends allowed to track both the former and new brand name to guide budget and messaging duration. 

The Solution

The campaign drove a +93% increase in leads, -12% decrease in cost per lead, and contributed to 13x increase in brand search demand YOY.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Health & Wellness

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