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The Challenge

Determining the exact brand aesthetic, voice, and content cadence often takes some trial and error with clients. Generally, the sooner we can establish a workflow/rhythm with content conceptualization, creation, review, and revisions, the better the results.

The Process

Managing clients and their social media profiles to build brand awareness through:

-Building report with clients

-Writing/designing social media posts

-Completing client requested revisions

-Scheduling post to publish for a month at a time

-Managing brand awareness and traffic Facebook campaigns for boost posts

The Solution


Skills Used

Branding,Paid Ads,Branding,Social Media Management,Content Marketing



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More Case Study

Thryv Organics

This client has basic flows in place with decent KPI stats and ROI. We're in the process of improving these metrics via A/B testing.


Funded startup (including Shark tank) in the health & wellness space. Negative sentiment content was surfacing in search results for their brand keywords which was ultimately causing a poor online reputation and lack of trust/credibility with target users. No strategic SEO roadmap in place for non-brand organic traffic growth.



Happy Way

Help the brand to navigate digital marketing and maximise their ROI from paid advertising.



Violet Purple School

Violet Purple School is a STEM-focused education center for kids aged 9-14 years old. They wanted to see results by:

  • generating more webinar leads
  • reaching the right audience