Successful launch of multiple new product lines.

  • ROAS grew by 73%
  • Revenue grew by 82%
  • Conversions grew by 51%

Lara B.

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The Challenge

Astral had participated in very little digital marketing before I was brought on to help expand the brand over the next several years. The company is broadening its product offerings and needed someone who had proven experience in building new revenue streams.

The goal was to launch several new product lines over the course of a few months. This required agility to optimize digital advertising while also mitigating risks associated with supply chain uncertainties.

The Process

  • Build the team necessary to accomplish the campaign
  • Create a Project Brief with all necessary information for the team to execute
  • Set expectations around timeline, budget, and process
  • Developed strategy for paid advertising, including Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • Directed the Creative Team to design and write effective content
  • Built ad campaign based on agreed upon strategy for audience segmentation
  • Initiated campaign launch

The Solution

Successful launch of multiple new product lines.

  • ROAS grew by 73%
  • Revenue grew by 82%
  • Conversions grew by 51%
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Sports, Outdoors & Fitness

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They had run a Facebook & Google campaign with very little results and revenue was dropping



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AAA Renovation is bathroom and Kitchen remodel company using modern approaches to home renovation nation wide. Some of my success as a contractor for this company had to do with the creative strategy as well as coming up with copy that would resonate at a local level.



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The condo developer wanted to quickly sell a condo project in Victoria, BC. We were on the content team and the performance marketing team to increase visibility and desire in a highly competitive market.

The client had a small sales team, so we created efficient systems and utilized automation to turn the small sales staff into a sales force by leveraging their energy on ready-to-buy prospects.



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Great Wrap came to us looking to scale their business with a low AOV single SKU store. Their Facebook ad account was new, with little pixel data to help drive conversions. With a sustainability product that required education for the viewer before purchase, we knew we would need to be creative when finding ways to drive sells below a $10 CPA.