Grew her monthly revenue by 10x month over month.

Paul G.

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The Challenge

Bennd is a single-employee company, run by a first-time founder with no marketing experience. She had a strong brand but didn't have a growth strategy as she wasn't going out to raise funding.

The Process

I quickly built her DTC strategy, then implemented it, helped her hire a team of freelancers to staff her content and performance marketing positions and grew her monthly revenue by 10x month over month. I continue to advise her as a CMO and on fundraising.

The Solution

Grew her monthly revenue by 10x month over month.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,CMO,SEO,Paid Ads,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy


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The main challenges with working on this account were doing a complete overhaul of their creative direction and building a content structure that would help promote their application accurately. Understanding the product in-depth, and the best way that we could bring it to the eyes of their customer base and relevant users was also tricky. Finding original topics to help us build their social media and promoted content is something we have to deal with on a monthly basis as well. To keep things interesting for the users and for their unique community, we ensure a healthy content rotation and hyper relevant ideas.




Mybeautifulvegan had been trying to launch a brand of apparel for people interested in vegan foods and lifestyle. I was in charge of all their Facebook ads, google ads and Klaviyo. I ultimately increased sales by 300%

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