Grew her monthly revenue by 10x month over month.

Paul G.

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The Challenge

Bennd is a single-employee company, run by a first-time founder with no marketing experience. She had a strong brand but didn't have a growth strategy as she wasn't going out to raise funding.

The Process

I quickly built her DTC strategy, then implemented it, helped her hire a team of freelancers to staff her content and performance marketing positions and grew her monthly revenue by 10x month over month. I continue to advise her as a CMO and on fundraising.

The Solution

Grew her monthly revenue by 10x month over month.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,CMO,SEO,Paid Ads,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy


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Le Mieux

Award winning professional turned consumer personal skincare brand. The Brand had been very successful B2B but struggled with growing its D2C business.

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Late-stage funded startup in the greetings/invitations space. Experiencing non-brand traffic declines and down trends from organic search channel during Q4 of 2019 that reached as low as -37% YoY.



Scalp Evolution

Client provides scalp micropigmentation services for men and women as an alternative solution for baldness and hair loss. Client wanted more leads for their website related to phone calls, contact us, chat and sign ups with Google Ads and provide accurate lead reporting for their offices in the US and UK.


Build the pillars and grow an end-to-end influencer program, leveraging an existing referral program and creating the basis for a new affiliate program. The main challenges of the projects were:

  1. Streamline and automate the entire process to increase efficiency and accommodate a high volume of influencers without missing bespoke opportunities
  2. As the company wanted to keep everything in-house, I've worked with developers and data scientists to create a personalised database and report.