Sensational launch parte with over 1000 VIP from every high-eend sector in EU, US, UK

Eric S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

the launch an opening of a high-end private club in a palace in Madrid prime real estate to an international audiences.

The Process

Lauch marketing strategy to a VIP high end international audiences of top level businessmen and women.

The Solution

Sensational launch parte with over 1000 VIP from every high-eend sector in EU, US, UK

Skills Used

CMO,Branding,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Branding,Marketing Strategy,Marketing Strategy,Branding,Public Relations,Other


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Constellation Home Builder Systems

The challenge at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems was to develop the groundworks for marketing initiatives to influence select accounts and persona's in the vertical market of construction and homebuilding. The marketing team required the introduction of initiatives that included demand generation, nurture programs, direct mail promotions, events, and product promotions.

Thai Long

They wanted to retain more customers and acquire new ones through social media



Crimson Wine Group

Crimson Wine Group was a brand that had zero foundation for digital marketing campaigns. There wasn't any historical data to go off of, requiring the marketing strategy to build from the ground up.



Gist Applications

The client was a team of highly skilled developers focussed on building innovative Shopify apps. The company was first named Pix Applications. Although the client had support from a niche group of Shopify stores, they were having trouble scaling to the next level of business. This challenge is common for niche providers: how do you move from "1,000 true fans" to a market leader?