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The Challenge

Weekly promotions and new stock is how B&L keep their brand and products fresh and attract retail customers.

The marketing campaigns were split into 4 core categories of women, kids, baby and men's clothes. Each had 10-20 different new weekly products, with different budgets based on stock levels and margins.

I created a comprehensive 4 week product calendar that mapped out all the categories and products, which were converted into campaigns and ad groups, with the budget and margin calculations formatted to ensure the correct allocation of the marketing budget.

Each product would get a new URL created the day before the weekly promotion was due to run, so I needed to include this into a shared Google sheets document, so could then import to Google Editor, which helps save hours of manual work between the client and marketing team.

Enhanced sitelinks were also updated weekly to support the promotional offers and drive awareness of the best deals online.

With over 180 stores across Australia, store visits was another important metric for the business and influenced the digital marketing budget for each store. Using the in store conversion rate and average shopping basket value, the number of store visits was given a calculated instore revenue forecast. This data was overlaid with 20km radius of physical stores to drive online and instore revenue.

We helped Best & Less break their highest revenue record 8 times in the first month of introducing our budget weighing system and increase ROAS 43%.

The Process

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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