Total purchases in 1 month (first month) - 40

Cost per purchase - $8.37

Average ROAS - 3.57


Shire Lyon A.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

The challenge with this store was to get a store selling indoor and outdoor gardening products from the initial setup to successfully selling products.

The Process

I researched a product I could market that would sell well and wrote product copy to entice customers. Then, ad copy was written and about 30 audiences were testing for a few days with a small budget. From there, audiences were weeded out quickly and adjustments made. As we saw success with an audience, related audiences were tested to grow and scale.

The Solution

Total purchases in 1 month (first month) - 40

Cost per purchase - $8.37

Average ROAS - 3.57

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy


Home & Garden

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Warp Academy

Warp Academy was relaunching a paid course subscription model for their premium courses and needed to break through the ultra competitive world of online music education.




Corvex came to us with a goal of launching a new mobile product in their mobile application. Corvex sells a software application that frontline workers can use on their iPads or Android/Mobile devices when at the workplace, in either a food processing plant or assembly line type factory. The goal of the application is to safely track frontline workers at the workplace and give them the Corvex Connected solution that helps each employee and their teams stay safe, agile and flexible with real-time data and checklists. This was launching right at the height of COVID-19 and became very intriguing to many businesses looking for quick solutions to keep their workers employed, but at a safe "6-feet apart" distance.



Premier Food Safety

This client is a food card and food manager course and testing provider. They help restaurant employees and managers gain the proper credentials they need to follow state and city guidelines. They offer both online and in-person classes and testing.

We faced several challenges.

  • They target restaurant employees and we were in the middle of a pandemic
  • The user experience of the website was not optimal
  • We were unable to track adds to cart, abandoned carts or anyone who started the purchase without completing it.

Our goals were to increase the number of sales and raise revenue while decreasing their CPA and CPC.




Loop wanted to launch a pre-summer campaign to gain traction for the season.