Helped breakr to get its first 50K users, 50K followers + instagram verification, landing high profile partnerships with major labels and festivals, and press; all leading to breakr being able to raise an oversubscribed seed round of $4.2M

The Challenge

Breakr is a brand new creator to creator marketplace that connects musicians looking to promote new music with content creators/influencers looking to integrate music into their content as a way to monetize their social capital across platforms. As a brand new app / platform with a duel consumer target, my role as Head of Marketing + Growth was to grow our user base to provide proof of concept and product market fit by developing a robust brand and growth hacking strategy .

The Process

To effectively grow breakr, as an emerging preseed funded start up with little marketing dollars, I had to find effective and low cost ways to grow the brand. First was develop a robust marketing plan that defined the platforms core proposition, consumer target, tone of voice, social strategy and creative development. Once the brand was created, to go into growth I employed a email growth marketing strategy with a complex drip campaign + influencer marketing and amplification strategies which led to the creation of breakr's flywheel/growth loops. From there we focused on retention by implementing complex tech integrations that focused on lifecycle marketing, attribution tracking, and SRM segmentation.

The Solution

Helped breakr to get its first 50K users, 50K followers + instagram verification, landing high profile partnerships with major labels and festivals, and press; all leading to breakr being able to raise an oversubscribed seed round of $4.2M

Skills Used

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I worked with Econologics to help them acquire leads for their financial advisory firm to medical practice owners. They had a solid source of organic leads but their marketing team was lost in terms of how to leverage paid media to get new clients. After our initial consult, I formulated a two channel approach on Google and Linkedin to drive their segmented audiences to unique landing pages for webinar signups. After iterating multiple approaches over the course of several months, we were able to create a consistent stream of qualified registrations at a CPA that the team was excited about.


This client did not have any formal digital marketing infrastructure across it's seven brands within Europe. They had no organizational framework or digital center of excellence to house their digital marketing frameworks. Additionally, they did not have any SEO program, and needed to expand search visibility across six European countries, where their target market resides.

ZF Friedrichshafen

ZF Friedrichshafen is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of components to the automotive industry. The company employs 147,000+ people and has an annual turnover of 36.52 billion Euro's.

As an agency our role was to target the aftermarket (mechanics, installers and distributors) through multiple B2B campaigns across YouTube and Google Ads, as well as SEO over a period of at least five years.



Hot Shapers Colombia

Hot shapers wanted to start selling in the US (Hispanic and not the Hispanic audience). They have a successful brand in Latam but the US was a completely unknown market for them

Spanish And Go

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The Redux Group

The Redux Group, a real estate group in the DC area, faced challenges in consolidating audiences for improved tagging and segmentation. The Marketing Specialist overseeing events and email marketing sought assistance.

Lake Art Glass

Lake Superior Art Glass, an art gallery and teaching studio, faced challenges in managing audience segments and implementing best practices. The Marketing Coordinator sought Mayple's guidance.

Omnium Circus

Omnium Circus, a nonprofit circus celebrating inclusivity and diversity, faced a rapid decline in open rates. The Founder/Executive Director sought responsiveness and platform knowledge.