Through the work shown above I was able to help scale ad spend by 34% over my time there, and driving down top-line CPO through the process.


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The Challenge

Cafe Du Cycliste is a high end luxury cycling brand.

With their roots originating organically through word of mouth, they were keen to scale up their brand using the power of digital ads.

With their relatively high price-point, this possessed an interesting challenge via paid ad efforts.

The Process

My role was to drive performance through Facebook and Google ads.

Given their high-price point, my mindset shifted to focus on the 2 key areas:

  1. how can I feed enough data consistently into our platforms in order for them to optimize effectively.
  2. how can I ensure that the brand is being represented exactly how they intend through the digital lens.

This helped me identify that their initial account structure was far too complicated; they had too many campaigns and ad sets running which was resulting in Facebook's algorithm getting not enough data to get out of the learning phase. This was hindering performance.

As a result, I significantly reduced the number of campaigns and ad sets to a level that enabled data to flow through each ad set at a much faster rate, which drove down costs and most importantly, resulted in more stable performance.

For area 2), I worked very closely with their media team to understand exactly how they wanted their brand portrayed, whilst recommending ways to optimize their assets and media for performance.

This was very much a two-way street which helped us find a nice middle ground between aesthetics and performance.

The Solution

Through the work shown above I was able to help scale ad spend by 34% over my time there, and driving down top-line CPO through the process.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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