Reduced Cost Per Lead from $25 to $10 with updated copy, images, target audience and landing page design. 


Amar R.

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The Challenge

Client lists homes and condos for sale in the Chicago area real estate market with Facebook Ads. Wanted to generate better qualified leads at a lower Cost Per Lead which ranged from $25 - $30 per lead.

The Process

I provided an audit for the client's Facebook campaigns and made the following updates: did A/B testing for which sequence of carousel photos worked the best and implemented them along with videos. Created two specific audiences for first time homeowners and those looking to move to a new home. Enabled Cost Cap if it exceeded the CPL goal of $15/lead sign up. Also updated the landing page design for the listing, noting the home/condo wasn't for rent and enabled best practices UX/UI design to improve sign up rates. Also enabled ads to appear on Instagram.

The Solution

Reduced Cost Per Lead from $25 to $10 with updated copy, images, target audience and landing page design. 

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Copywriting,Web Development,CRO


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During our initial analysis of the company we identified the following challenges:

  • Lead Generation from Facebook Ads was incurring a high overall cost. However, the number of sign-ups and the click-through rate were not satisfactory;
  • To improve quality scores and lower costs, we needed to create optimised landing pages but the website was a bespoke build and was extremely limited;
  • A need to improve the number of conversions without increasing the budget due to constraints.




Another startup we worked with - they had a freelancer who was running ads and not getting the best results.

We had to come in and make sense of the data they already had and then get them the results they needed.



Simply Local

Simply Local is building a marketplace for farmers and ranchers to sell direct to consumers. They were looking to scale both their customer base and farmer base as they refine their offerings. They had a very aggressive cost per lead goal, along with limited geographical targeting (Austin, Texas area)

NOW Branding

Write blogs to help boost SEO results and create client portfolio pages. I was in charge of writing blogs on specific key topics to help boost results for our PPC Lead Generation Campaign.