Search performance POP:

  • Decreased cost per lead by (-45.87%)
  • Improved conversions by (+60.33%)
  • Improved conversion rate by (+72.76%)
  • Improved CTR by (+68.34%)

The Challenge

  • Ability to scale a hyper-targeted B2B lead campaign for a specialty industrial client
  • Strategically advertise CGIS's specialty services and products to prospective businesses
  • Utilize HubSpot lead integrations to build custom audience targeting
  • Test and optimize new campaigns such as performance max to increase lead submission
  • Run channels across Display & Video 360, Facebook Ads and Google Ads

The Process

Campaign Manager

  • Build, set up, optimize and measure ad campaigns from start to finish
  • Manage yearly budgets and allocation of budget based on performance
  • Provides strategic recommendations for performative channels, targeting and creative 
  • Tag implementation to track strategic conversion points on site

The Solution

Search performance POP:

  • Decreased cost per lead by (-45.87%)
  • Improved conversions by (+60.33%)
  • Improved conversion rate by (+72.76%)
  • Improved CTR by (+68.34%)
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development,Paid Ads



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