We seen the most success with influencers filxiaobai and mrbagss. Giving us a total of 1174 sales in 1 week.

Brielle C.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Highlight some of China's biggest influencers and have them post about Chanel for their latest campaign.

  • Due to the language barrier it was a tricky start but we navigated successfully.

The Process

We utilized luxury niche influencers with very high engagement. The content had a total of 1,050,000 impressions amongst 5 influencers.

The Solution

We seen the most success with influencers filxiaobai and mrbagss. Giving us a total of 1174 sales in 1 week.

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy


Style & Fashion

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Bamboobies is brand all about motherhood. They target expecting moms and new moms with various products for mom & baby, including pre and postpartum accessories, clothing, breastfeeding products, etc. We started working with Bamboobies primarily on marketing strategy, SEO and paid media advertising (Google Shopping) initiatives with an overall objective to increase brand awareness and online digital sales in the marketplace.




The Microcenter paid traffic team was struggling to scale their offer as well as their output. So in order to help refine their offer plus add more manpower to supplement their team we were brought on board to help.




The goal was to expand acquisition campaigns to the Eastern European market. The tracking system was not working very well at that stage.



Pure Greens

For this project I had to help to work with the content marketing team to come up with an offer to advertise on social and acquire an email list.

They created a free guide related to the product we were selling and I helped with creating a advertising strategy, creating the landing page, and integrating it with our email marketing software.

The challenge was that we never promoted an offer and we had zero data or emails to leverage.