My client is now a market leader in the Shopify Apps store. The company CEO has reported a 3X increase in revenue since we re-branded the company and launch performance marketing campaigns.


The Challenge

The client was a team of highly skilled developers focussed on building innovative Shopify apps. The company was first named Pix Applications. Although the client had support from a niche group of Shopify stores, they were having trouble scaling to the next level of business. This challenge is common for niche providers: how do you move from "1,000 true fans" to a market leader?

The Process

First, my engagement with the company was running CPA makerking campaigns to convert cold prospects into the avid supporters and promoters. After earning their trust with performance, I was then tasks with re-naming and re-branding the company!

The company often simplifies business "logistics," so in my pitch to the board of the company I put the word "logistics" on a flipchart—and crossed out the "lo" and "ics" revealing the companies new name: Gist Applications. They loved the presentation, and the name.

After re-branding the company, we re-fueled the performance campaign to drive unique installs. In 7 months, the Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaigns contributed to multiplying the companies revenue by 3X.

The Solution

My client is now a market leader in the Shopify Apps store. The company CEO has reported a 3X increase in revenue since we re-branded the company and launch performance marketing campaigns.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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