8,888 NFTs sold out in 20min at a value of $10M.

Think Influence

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The Challenge

Promote the minting of Crypto Champions’ unique 8,888 NFT collection.

The Process

We collaborated with celebrities like Ne-Yo (American singer, songwriter) and a collective of influencers to create a user-generated content campaign advocating the collection and its benefits.

The Solution

8,888 NFTs sold out in 20min at a value of $10M.

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy


Art & Entertainment

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Happy Way

Help the brand to navigate digital marketing and maximise their ROI from paid advertising.



Total Health Systems

This was a new client that had never run paid ads before on social.




The brand is a startup launching everyday comfortable work clothing for females right in the midst of the pandemic.

We take the time to build up traction through PR/Facebook/Google at low spend keeping ROAS at cash flow positive. Working closely with the founder to build amazing creative content to push as content is king.

As thing progressed we scale from $0 revenue to $100k/month today just on DTC alone (excluding retailer). Marketing spend went from $25/day to $500/day.

While in July 2021-now most brand who ran on FB/IG has issue with iOS 14.5 - we are scaling and growing due to our preparedness with the right content and marketing strategy in place to make it works.


Organic search traffic

Wedding Style Magazine

Wedding Style struggled competing against the numerous national wedding brands

already established online. They were not ranking for many of the most popular wedding

related searches and were having difficulty retaining their advertising clients.

They wanted to improve their search engine results, their user experience and the number of brides visiting and converting into leads each month. Their ultimate goal was to increase and retain advertising clients by attracting more affluent brides to the site each month and converting them into customers.