CV Studio has successfully launched with a new minimalist brand, and within the first week after the launch booked several clients.

Mackenzie M.

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The Challenge

CV Studio is a draftsman studio focusing on environmentally conscious land stewardship. The owners came to Offset Marketing when they opened their business for a full brand identity. They wanted to represent their cutting-edge approach while also conveying that their work focuses on being environmentally conscious.

The Process

As the main strategist and designer, I started with an in-depth strategy meeting to get to know exactly what CV Studio offers. After exploring the marketing and conducting competitive research I developed four initial concepts and discussed the likes and dislikes with the CV Studio team. From those concepts, they chose one they wanted to move forward with and we created some design magic. Finally, we landed a bold, minimalist logo that represented CV Studio’s draftsman expertise and environmental mission.

The Solution

CV Studio has successfully launched with a new minimalist brand, and within the first week after the launch booked several clients.

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