• Email marketing revenues increased from 6% to 17% in 60 days
  • 183% more sales through Klaviyo
  • Extra $53,000 in 60 days
  • 7.8% increase in Repeat Customers

The Challenge

The client had the following challenges:

  1. Low email marketing revenues
  2. No email marketing strategy
  3. No optimization on the Klaviyo account
  4. Low repeat customers

The Process

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

A complete audit of the Klaviyo account was conducted analyzing several metrics including open rates, click rates, and order rates on both flows and campaigns.

With the information from the audit, a comprehensive custom strategy was created with a quarterly campaign calendar.

Re-write and Optimize

After the audit, a thorough re-write & re-design of existing email flows was done. This also included optimizing existing flows using a variety of methods like A/B testing.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Implementing the Bounce Back Flow resulted in converting about 7.8% of their first-time shoppers into second-time buyers.

The Solution

  • Email marketing revenues increased from 6% to 17% in 60 days
  • 183% more sales through Klaviyo
  • Extra $53,000 in 60 days
  • 7.8% increase in Repeat Customers
Skills Used

Email Marketing


Style & Fashion

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