After supporting the CEO, President and team, the brand was sold to Wayfair.

Jonathan L.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

DwellStudio was a growing home lifestyle brand. However the team was stretched thin and focused on too many channels which was effecting both growth, inventory and resources.

The Process

Led the investment, growth plan and sale of the multi-million dollar NYC based lifestyle brand.

Led cross functional teams building a new sales and marketing strategy that resulted in growth across all channels; e-commerce, retail, catalog, international, wholesale and licensing.

The Solution

After supporting the CEO, President and team, the brand was sold to Wayfair.

Skills Used

Branding,CMO,Marketing Strategy,Other


Home & Garden

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Social media Management

Social media Content

Keep existing customers and increase engagement.

Acquire new customers via social media posts, stories, and followings.

Target automotive enthusiasts who like similar pages.


Improve on page SEO, image Alt tags and meta tags.

Acquire backlinks and manage blog using keywords.

Remove duplicated content if there is any

Influencer reach out.