Record sales for Emerald Guitars.

Growing a global customer base in new international territories.

Factory and staff expansion to meet demand.


The Challenge

Scale Emerald Guitars into the world's leading manufacturer of hand made carbon fibre guitars.

The Process

Gain an in-depth understanding of the customer journey when purchasing a $2-7k hand made guitar and in turn develop and advertising strategy around this.

Strategy focused around storytelling, promoting the brands heritage and USP's with the guitars being hand made in rural Ireland and shipped largely to the American market. Video content became the main them due to its ability to showcase all product features both visually and from an audio standpoint which was crucial for the product.

CRO work to improve website conversion rate and remove any obstacles to ecommerce growth in addition to implementing a creative strategy where both organic and paid content matches the quality of the product.

Introduce a strategy to start conversations with customers on live chat as most orders where customs designs which weren't available to purchase online and required detailed and lengthy conversations with the sales team.

The Solution

Record sales for Emerald Guitars.

Growing a global customer base in new international territories.

Factory and staff expansion to meet demand.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,CRO


Art & Entertainment

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