Dropped their Cost per acquisition from $408.40 to $144.26 in 5 months, a 64.68% drop in CPA.


Kobi T.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  1. Very niched-down audience
  2. Low conversion rate between click to lead

The Process

I was in charge of running the ads for this client, as well as advising on conversion rate optimization, in order to increase the conversion rate on the funnel.

I did a deep dive on the market, the avatar, the offer, in order to truly understand the needs that are in the market, connect with my audience, and make sure to show them the perfect solution to their problem.

I did a lot of audiences & ad testing. It involved coming up with a lot of new ad angles, videos, images. Each week I summarized what worked, what didn't. I learned from the data and kept on improving the campaigns, and the CPA has dropped month over month.

The Solution

Dropped their Cost per acquisition from $408.40 to $144.26 in 5 months, a 64.68% drop in CPA.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,CRO


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Mulias Swim

A fashion film and stills showing the heart of the amazing Mulias Swim brand. Inspired by the essence and main inspiration of the Mulias brand. Mulias – meaning noble and majestic. Empowering women of all ethnicities and body types.



Mova Cycling

This customer wanted to launch their products in the US and also collecting new followers for their social media accounts. They already had success on Kickstarter but no sales yet in their online store



Capital Auto Parts

Capital Auto Parts was coming into a new season without a ads vendor and was eager to push to ROAS of 8-10. The busy season in Canada didn't start until March, so there was about a month window to get underway.


Vaughtons and parent company WH Darby’s are a 200 year old business operating in Birmingham’s (England) world famous jewellery quarter.  Manufacturers of handmade insignia, specialising in products such as Jewels, Medals, Chains of Office, Lapel Badges, Cufflinks and much more. During their prod history they have made Olympic medals, the FA Cup, and have had commissions from several royal families.


In 2021 Vaughtons approach Delta with a challenge. 


In recent years the business had diversified and created new revenue streams. This strategy had produced good results but also meant the business had lost focus and it’s brand identity had been diluted. Up against an increasingly competitive market, offering ever more specialised services and products Vaughtons understood that they need to evolve the business if they were to successfully see off the competition and build for the future.