Dropped their Cost per acquisition from $408.40 to $144.26 in 5 months, a 64.68% drop in CPA.


Kobi T.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  1. Very niched-down audience
  2. Low conversion rate between click to lead

The Process

I was in charge of running the ads for this client, as well as advising on conversion rate optimization, in order to increase the conversion rate on the funnel.

I did a deep dive on the market, the avatar, the offer, in order to truly understand the needs that are in the market, connect with my audience, and make sure to show them the perfect solution to their problem.

I did a lot of audiences & ad testing. It involved coming up with a lot of new ad angles, videos, images. Each week I summarized what worked, what didn't. I learned from the data and kept on improving the campaigns, and the CPA has dropped month over month.

The Solution

Dropped their Cost per acquisition from $408.40 to $144.26 in 5 months, a 64.68% drop in CPA.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,CRO


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