We were able to get them more leads at a price 71% cheaper


Aristide Basque

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

They were looking to acquire new customers through better marketing.

The Process

We analyzed their target market and suggested a multi approach strategy.

The Solution

We were able to get them more leads at a price 71% cheaper

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Social Media Management,SEO


Sports, Outdoors & Fitness

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The Sales Consultancy

  • No Channels had yet been activated and there was no consistent source of leads for this ultra-high-ticket service. Literally starting on 0.




Complete brand redesign to attract more customers.



Human of Hair Color

My consulting work with the Human Of Color focused exclusively on social media management. The unique challenges I faced when working with this client had to do with content and engagement alignment between what the client desired vs. what I knew would work best given my knowledge of the social media algorithm.

Because of this challenge, I learned how to lean more into developing brand new strategies that served both the existing social media algorithm and what the client preferred in order to achieve  client satisfaction and social media growth simultaneously.



MSIG Insurance

We had to better our previous year's sales for MSIG's travel campaign with a smaller campaign budget compared to the previous year.