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The Challenge

This client was a start-up e-commerce store in the Fashion Clothing niche. When I started working on this project, the client wasn't spending any budget on paid advertising on social media platforms.

There were 2 main challenges faced while working on this project. First, the client had a small budget to allocate to paid advertising, and second, their following on social media was extremely small with very little online presence, making it extremely hard for new people to trust the brand and buy from them.

That's when I put a holistic paid ads strategy together for this client, which allowed me to maximize sales and profits with very little budget. One year later into the project, I managed to help scale this brand to 6 figures in revenue using Facebook and Instagram Ads and reached a point where we were spending 6 figures per month on Facebook ads solely.

This brand has now more than 13,000 followers on social media and is a 7-figure company.

The Process

I worked as a Paid Ads Manager on this project where I had to use my growth hacking experience and create an entire paid advertising strategy for this client.

I initially researched other competitors in the very same niche (fashion clothing) and try to understand what was working really well for other brands at that time. I collected all the data I needed around what kind of ad creatives are working well, what demographics to target or what type of landing pages would work best for our top-sellers.

Once, I had everything together that's when I developed and implemented a paid ads strategy for ExtraBabes that was purely focused on maximizing conversions.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Marketing Strategy,Other


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