Increase In Revenue


Avg. Return on Ad Spend


Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate


The Challenge

FAIR. Jewelry is a high-end sustainable jewelry company based out of Canada. They sell high end items while also giving back to the environment and championing sustainable practices.

FAIR. was looking to bring in a freelance advertiser to scale up their Facebook Ads and launch Google Ads for their business.

The biggest challenge was segmenting the two different markets (fine and demi-fine jewelry). These two markets spoke to entirely different demographics, so we had to be very mindful of that while building our ad program.

FAIR had achieved some success with ads in the past, but they were looking for a professional to really scale up their efforts.

The Process

We completed multiple strategy sessions to go over brand new creative angles for FAIR. Jewelry. We were able to identify different sub-sections of FAIR's market depending on the price ranges of the products.

We also carved our different creative messaging for ads relating to wedding rings and bands. We segmented wedding ads out from the rest of our jewelry ads as well. With the higher price point, we could bid more aggressively on these items.

I also completely setup new data feeds to implement Google Shopping campaigns for FAIR. Jewelry as well. We were able to organize and segment our Merchant Center account in a way that allows us to scale by product category.

The Solution


Increase In Revenue


Avg. Return on Ad Spend


Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping


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