We ranked over 2500 sites for their desired keywords with customized ranking strategies.

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The Challenge

SEO can be a mental/emotional challenge to overcome for folks who are used to performance based direct response marketing. It can take 3-12 month sometimes to start really ranking a site to convert for traffic with a minimum of 90 days to see any results and no way around that. That can be hard for some folks to accept/understand. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle but once you understand it you can continue to increase rankings & build!

The Process

I was the content & SEO editor for a large group of over 200 publication sites and responsible for their internal rankings plus all outside submissions of additional guest posting articles for publication. I was responsible for content creation, link building, coordinating developers for technical SEO, editors for on page SEO, overseeing link based publications & advertising on all sites, reporting, initial keyword research plans, SOPS for every part of the SEO ranking process.

The Solution

We ranked over 2500 sites for their desired keywords with customized ranking strategies.

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More Case Study

Convo Communications

Convo was an interesting case because they have brand recognition in the market but their socials were quiet and under utilized.



Clay By Steph

Helping them scale from spending $2k per month to over $9k while keeping between a 2-3x return when I was done. I also introduced Google Shopping and search which was brand new to the brand.


Wildflower Cases is a woman-owned and operated iPhone accessory company in Los Angeles California. Each exclusively and limited edition fashion iPhone accessory is designed by founder Michelle Carlson and her two daughters, Devon and Sydney Carlson.



Club Med Belgium

ClubMed is well know luxury Travel Agency with its owns resorts.

I've been managing their Google Ads Account for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg for about 10 month while I was working as a PPC Expert at iProspect (part of Dentsu Aegis Media Group), Digital Agency.

The challenge was to keep CPC low while maintaining booking in their resorts around the world.