15,000+ influencers, 200MM in reach, 3000% ROI, 6 figure sales

Katrina J.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Challenges have include e-commerce, lifestyle, and travel campaign integrations + placements.

The Process

The process included outlining clear strategy for both brands and influencers with creators, campaigns, and communities across e-commerce, influencer marketing, live events, and retreats.

Wtih strategy, influencers were identified, campaigns created, content strategy developed and executed, platforms researched and created, blands and products placed, metrics managed.

This included placement in shows, blogs, and courses.

The Solution

15,000+ influencers, 200MM in reach, 3000% ROI, 6 figure sales

Skills Used

Other,CMO,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Branding,Social Media Management,Web Development,Public Relations


Health & Wellness

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More Case Study

BURST Oral Care

BURST is a top brand in the dental care industry. BURST first came to us when they needed an influencer quote to be aired on QVC that week. With little time to spare, we got them the quote that they needed from Jessica Robertson (Duck Dynasty). We have been running influencer marketing campaigns for BURST ever sense.




Improve ROAS and allow the owner to focus on other aspects of the business.



Bloc Shop

With the pandemic striking, Bloc Shop, one of Quebec's main climbing spots, had to diversify. Their in-person boutique had a lot of choices, as their climbing shoes offering is one of the best in Canada. However, their online store was not generating a lot of conversions.

They came to us for Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

ANZ Banking Group

When Andrea joined ANZ's online sales team, the home loans section of the website was unengaging and decreasing SEO effectiveness, on an out-of-date content management system that was ready for decommissioning.

The business desire was to migrate the website to Adobe Experience Manager and deploy a personalization test/learn program, starting with this redesign. 

The goals, therefore, were to:

  • Increase relevance of the content during stages before and during the application process.
  • Build new content modules to scale content and make authoring flexible for continuous experiments. 
  • Increase organic traffic.