15,000+ influencers, 200MM in reach, 3000% ROI, 6 figure sales

Katrina J.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Challenges have include e-commerce, lifestyle, and travel campaign integrations + placements.

The Process

The process included outlining clear strategy for both brands and influencers with creators, campaigns, and communities across e-commerce, influencer marketing, live events, and retreats.

Wtih strategy, influencers were identified, campaigns created, content strategy developed and executed, platforms researched and created, blands and products placed, metrics managed.

This included placement in shows, blogs, and courses.

The Solution

15,000+ influencers, 200MM in reach, 3000% ROI, 6 figure sales

Skills Used

Other,CMO,Content Marketing,Copywriting,Branding,Social Media Management,Web Development,Public Relations


Health & Wellness

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Client was facing difficulties after the iOS 14.5 updates which impacted Facebook and Instagram ads.

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This Pilates studio has 2 in-person locations that generated over 7-figures annually. We were hired to bring more people in the door, keep existing members longer, evaluate their website and software tools, and transition a portion of their revenue to an online business when COVID-19 hit.

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Re-designed the website & the brand promise. Update the customer experience.


BeachCult, a vibrant, elegant, swimwear and apparel brand needed an online presence to match. I loved working with this client to design and develop their online store with a look and feel that is in line with their brand image and appeals to their audience.