account is currently sitting at the 370% ROAS, whilst still scaling.


Hisham K.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

They are a startup that wanted to quickly scale sales of their beard growth kit.

The Process

I worked closely with their team from Brand development through to scaling.

step 1 was identifying how we would compete in the market, both on a brand and product offering stand point.

step 2 was identifying the best channels to compete on.

step 3 was developing the right UX to convert traffic.

step 4 was going live on Google ads and scaling.

The Solution

account is currently sitting at the 370% ROAS, whilst still scaling.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,CRO,Marketing Strategy



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HastyCart is an online grocery ordering service. They reached out to me for help with:

  • getting new customers
  • increasing their purchase rate




Brick needed to scale their members in their gyms in major cities across the US.


BotCake is a fantastic company that provides digital avatars for business websites. BotCake was in need of Landing Page copy that would highlight their personality-packed brand-voice while staying professional and compelling.




I worked with Econologics to help them acquire leads for their financial advisory firm to medical practice owners. They had a solid source of organic leads but their marketing team was lost in terms of how to leverage paid media to get new clients. After our initial consult, I formulated a two channel approach on Google and Linkedin to drive their segmented audiences to unique landing pages for webinar signups. After iterating multiple approaches over the course of several months, we were able to create a consistent stream of qualified registrations at a CPA that the team was excited about.