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The Challenge

ForeverVacation provides all-inclusive & private day tours in 6 countries and 14 cities around the world.

In an industry that is highly crowded and competitive we needed a way to stand out. We focused on creating a fun and professional brand/website, beautiful tour photos/videos and highly effective Facebook/IG/Google ads.

Through my efforts ForeverVacation now operates between 150-300+ private tours every month across their destinations.

The Process

My role as CEO was to create the entire brand, technology, business model and marketing plan. We are now in 14 cities around the world, employ over 60 employees (full-time & freelance) and operate between 150-300+ private tours every month across their destinations.

The Solution

Skills Used

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This client didn't have any finalized branding when I joined the team. I helped them finalize their brand ID (which they have since changed) and developed email templates based off of the guide for a cohesive member experience. They also had under cared for email flows.




Doing very well on Facebook but need help with Google Shopping, search (and eventually YouTube) need to keep above a 3.5x return while spending more.



The RoundTree

Roundtree is a luxury accommodation and quintessential East Hampton getaway on Long Island. We drove bookings and reservations measuring overall total business sales and traffic. Our goal was to ensure The Roundtree is booked outside of the Hamptons busiest times of Summer.



Nectar USA

Nectar USA is a brand that is primarily retail in Las Vegas. Items are priced at the gift-shoppy price, and hence is challenging to acquire customers