Jay R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Sell to skeptical customers in times of economic crisis in a competitive market

The Process

אני הקופירייטר שאחראי להמיר מאות אלפי גולשים למאות רוכשים באמצעות מיילים, פוסטים ומסרים בנושא כלכלת המשפחה, בזמן קצר של שלושה שבועות, עם המותג השני בגודלו בישראל. 

The Solution

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Copywriting



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More Case Study



Ferme Lufa

They wanted to get more clients with Facebook ads & Instagram ads


Create and AI assist with a human touch that can deliver enterprise-grade conversational AI for an extremely specific Industry, wind power in open waters. Use the AI assistance en congresses and exhibitions as a point of gathering and sharing delicate info with invitees.  



MSIG Insurance

We had to better our previous year's sales for MSIG's travel campaign with a smaller campaign budget compared to the previous year.



Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Lighting is an e-commerce store that primarily sells lighting fixtures to businesses, but some of their lighting products also appealed to home owners. By segmenting out search campaigns by search intent we were able to successfully target both B2B and B2C buyers.