I uncovered many new sales angles currently returning 2.1x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)—with a $45,000/month budget.


Kelvin P.

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The Challenge

A multimillion-dollar golf brand didn't have the in-house marketing resources to come up with multiple new testable marketing concepts every month. My task was to be testing 3 - 5 new concepts every month, and bring in new winning control ads.

The Process

As a Digital Media Buyer I use Golden B.E.A.R., a proven testing process, and P.S.M. – profitable scaling margin – which together deliver profitable and scalable campaigns.

These help guide decisions on acquisition, efficiency, and scaling – and allow me to hit the sweet spot both Facebook and a CMO need: massive testing at lower budgets for statistically significant results within days to a few weeks.

The Solution

I uncovered many new sales angles currently returning 2.1x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)—with a $45,000/month budget.

Skills Used

Paid Ads



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More Case Study



Pagani Beverly Hills

As an exotic car brand from Italy that wasn't Ferrari or Lamborghini, there wasn't too much brand recognition here in the US for Pagani. Additionally, there wasn't any awareness for the new dealership that had only recently opened its doors. As such, the website wasn't gaining any traction before we took on the challenge.

New Wire Marine

Company: produces and sells parts for recreational boats like switches and breaker, as well as custom panels.

Challenge: their acquired a 40k email subscriber list that was not monetized to its fullest

Results: 15-20% increase in revenue month on month as a result of our team's email marketing efforts

ANZ Banking Group

When Andrea joined ANZ's online sales team, the home loans section of the website was unengaging and decreasing SEO effectiveness, on an out-of-date content management system that was ready for decommissioning.

The business desire was to migrate the website to Adobe Experience Manager and deploy a personalization test/learn program, starting with this redesign. 

The goals, therefore, were to:

  • Increase relevance of the content during stages before and during the application process.
  • Build new content modules to scale content and make authoring flexible for continuous experiments. 
  • Increase organic traffic.

Birdsong Pets

Think Influence was tasked to help Birdsong increase its following on Instagram to reach a milestone of 10k followers.