The Challenge

Working with complex and sensitive issues can frequently be a challenge. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide thoughtful and meaningful information for our clients and their patients. While many of the topics we handle are light or merely informational, several issues, such as cancer, carry an additional burden. We've all been touched by the tragedies and triumphs that cancer has brought, and we are truly honored to work with our clients to hopefully bring about some peace of mind for the end-user, in this case, a mother, father, brother, sister, child, or friend. We never fail to remember why our work matters. 

The Process

We work with our clients to develop the topics, keywords, and appropriate sources for their content needs. Sometimes that is simply a title and word count. Some clients prefer to have a detailed outline prepared and approved for their work, and we can handle that too. As the CEO of McDonald Content Solutions, I will always be available for contact with our clients. I work closely with our project managers to take the vision of our clients, convey that to the lead of our writing team. Content is then assigned to the writer who best meets the required skillset. Once the content has been written, it goes through our editing team for proofreading, grammatical, plagiarism, and readability checks. We then give the polished product to our clients for their review. Revisions are unlimited with our company. We make sure that you are completely happy with every piece of content you receive.

The Solution

Skills Used

Content Marketing


Health & Wellness

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