Nani S.

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The Challenge

Started a brand from scratch. I was able to take a non existent brand from 0-1400 users in 6 months bringing in 180k in monthly reoccurring sales

The Process

HomeFi- homefi.info

Homefi is a home internet product for rural America where regular internet is very hard to come by. HomeFi's audience was paying 3/4 x for Satellite compared to HomeFi's prices. This was launched as a separate business and sister company of WingTel. The Launch was ground up and requires a full site, sales agents, and Campaign build out.

In 6 months was responsible for

-Launching new Website that converted

-Ab tested different price points, product pages. 

- 0 to 1400 customers in less then 6 months on a $100+ purchase price product

- 8%-12% CTR under $0.25 CPC and a 2.5% conversion rate

- $0 to $195k monthly recurring Revenue

-Ab test succsul landing page funnel check

-100% Fb paid social and google ads

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,CRO,Email Marketing,Other,Marketing Strategy,Paid Ads



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