The site is currently capturing relevance for necessary keywords.

Evan D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Provide a comprehensive SEO-driven blog post content strategy for the company to generate new traffic and secondary content for socials, email, etc.

The Process

Assess brand, Identify relevant keywords, formulate SEO strategy, publish relevant blog posts

The Solution

The site is currently capturing relevance for necessary keywords.

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Copywriting,SEO


Professional Services

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They wanted to scale their campaign but tracking wasn't accurate

Follett School Solutions

Follett was struggling to achieve high-value keyword rank performance within the search engines as well as deliver on incremental organic traffic to boost online sales of books, textbooks and consumables to consumers. The challenge I faced was to analyze current SEO performance and execute various SEO tactics and tasks to improve keyword rank, organic traffic and eComm sales.

Trilogene Seeds

  • Drive cart sales through the website as well as phone calls and form fill leads
  • Manage Google Shopping campaigns and avoid/prevent issues with any google disapprovals in the CBD space


Create and AI assist with a human touch that can deliver enterprise-grade conversational AI for an extremely specific Industry, wind power in open waters. Use the AI assistance en congresses and exhibitions as a point of gathering and sharing delicate info with invitees.