I wrote 4 blogs and 5 client portfolio pages.

Josh M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Write blogs to help boost SEO results and create client portfolio pages. I was in charge of writing blogs on specific key topics to help boost results for our PPC Lead Generation Campaign.

The Process

I started by doing research on hot topics related to marketing and branding agencies. I came up with about a dozen topics to choose. Followed by reviewing keywords per topic.

Separately I worked internally with the team to write portfolio pages for clioent we just completed projects for.

The Solution

I wrote 4 blogs and 5 client portfolio pages.

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Copywriting,SEO


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Onest Health

Increase Shopify store revenue for a fitness supplement brand.


Client lost rankings to WebMD and other competitor pest control companies. Much of this was due to the website being slow, content which is not updated, and other issues.




Trouva has been named a top 5 startup in the UK. They were struggling to hit their aggressive, VC required performance targets. This was complicated by the fact that they had tens of thousands of SKU's in their data feed; targeting so many countries; that the golden SKU's weren't easy to optimize.



From 4000 sessions/month to 16,000 sessions/month in 12 months