Through the changes we identified and implemented, JFM saw contact through the site increase and feedback was extremely positive. Analytics showed that time on site was increased, bounce rate was reduced and conversions (in the form of new leads) increased.

The Challenge

I was initially approached by JFM Management as they were looking to update their site to provide an easy way to gain new leads, but also needed to make it easier for their existing clients to contact them. Their original website was a 1-page WordPress based site that was lengthy and did little to highlight the great work they do for their clients. Property management is a saturated industry, with many companies fighting for the top spot in Google trying to gain attention. JFM needed a fresh new look and to highlight some of the reasons they are an excellent company to work with.

The Process

Working closely with the team at JFM, we focused on how we could raise the profile of their website and reinforce trust and authenticity - some of the key areas other competitors were failing to achieve. JFM has been recognised within the industry through multiple awards, but also have a strong client base who were keen to share their story with others. Following a complete redesign of the site, we highlighted some of the areas where JFM was excelling in the industry, focussing on genuine customer feedback, awards and reviews. We also made it really easy for prospective customers to get in touch through exit-intent popups, contact forms and 'request a call back' features. 

We also looked at how customers interact with the site, and made device-specific optimisations. More than 50% of the traffic was through mobile devices so pages were optimised with this in mind. Certain content was hidden to reduce mobile load, and we made it even easier for customers to get in touch when on a mobile device.

Lastly, for existing customers, we developed the website as a 'PWA' (progressive web application). This simply meant that customers could 'install' the website on their phone or tablet, making it even easier to contact the JFM team should they need to request help.

The Solution

Through the changes we identified and implemented, JFM saw contact through the site increase and feedback was extremely positive. Analytics showed that time on site was increased, bounce rate was reduced and conversions (in the form of new leads) increased.

Skills Used

Branding,Content Marketing,Copywriting,CRO


Real Estate

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