New strategy and tactics led to over 70% growth.

Jonathan L.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Award winning professional turned consumer personal skincare brand. The Brand had been very successful B2B but struggled with growing its D2C business.

The Process

Created new brand strategy and rebuilt D2C channel with new team, agencies and strategy.

The Solution

New strategy and tactics led to over 70% growth.

Skills Used

CMO,Branding,Email Marketing,Marketing Strategy



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More Case Study




SyQwest expressed frustration with their position and placement in Google’s search engine results

and felt they had lost touch with their customers. They wished to improve the amount of traffic coming in from organic search engine results for people looking for their products.




Client has a long sales cycle on their products, as they are promotional product brands. This makes it challenging to measure the true ROI. A lead that does a quick chat could be worth thousands of dollars more than a $100 ecommerce sale. While ePromos had some rudimentary tracking in place to see the value per lead; they still didn't have true visibility or integration into their ad accounts to optimize towards process.

In Good Health

Create brand image, design and develop online store.




When I started with the client, they were brand new in a very competitive market.